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Visitors Programme

A STICERD grant to enable academics, normally from abroad, to visit the LSE for an extended period and interact with staff and students


The purpose of the STICERD's Visitors Programme is to enable academics, normally from abroad, to visit the LSE for an extended period and interact with staff and students. The visitor will be expected to present his or her work in an appropriate forum such as a seminar or public lecture and to be available for informal discussions.

STICERD would contribute funding, up to a maximum of £2,000 per month, with the nominating individual/unit offering matching funding. These payments would be made to visitors in reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs, against submitted receipts, to a maximum of £4,000 for a one month visit.

  1. The work should be of specific interest to faculty and students in a particular department or departments.
  2. The individual will take an active interest in the research activities of one of STICERD's resident research programmes.


  1. The visitor shall undertake to make the LSE their primary place of work for the duration of their stay.
  2. The visitor will normally be accommodated in STICERD unless there is a particular reason why being housed in a department is more natural or appropriate.
  3. The person shall agree to give at least one presentation during their visit either at a public lecture or an appropriate departmental or STICERD seminar.
  4. The visitor will provide a brief report of their activities for the Steering Committee about their visit.


Nominations should be made to the Director of STICERD. Nominations should consist of a statement setting out reasons why the presence of such an individual would enhance the work of the department and/or STICERD and be of interest to others in the School. They should be accompanied by a CV and confirmation by the nominating individual/unit that matching funding, to a maximum of £2,000 per month, would be provided. It should also be made clear where the visitor would be housed at the LSE and a list of any duties he or she will be expected to carry out. They will be considered by the Director and Deputy Director of STICERD.

Visits should normally be timed during term to maximise colleagues' chances of meeting the visitor. When submitting a nomination please confirm that, should STICERD issue an invitation, the nominee would be able to visit the School during that particular academic year and would be able to visit for a period of not less than one month. An individual may be nominated for subsequent visitorships.


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