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Tammy Campbell

Tammy Campbell

Visiting Senior Fellow

+44 (0)20 7955 6683


Tammy Campbell's current research interests are:

  • Month of birth/relative age effects: causes, manifestations and consequences
  • Disparities in early attributions of special educational needs and disabilities, and the interplay of factors influencing inequities - at the child, family, school, area, and social/political levels
  • Biases, stereotyping and error in judgements and assessments of children's 'abilities' and capacities
  • Effects of and inequalities in early 'ability' grouping
  • Pre-school education: the distribution of children with different characteristics across/within settings, and consequences of patterns here; inequities in access to early education
  • The interplay between parentsí religious beliefs, the type of school their child attends, and the choice of school-types in their area

Tammy's latest projects include: