Beveridge 2.0 Reciprocity across the life-cycle

Beveridge 2.0 Reciprocity across the life-cycle

Tuesday 23 February 2021
Venue: Online
Speakers: Various

The welfare state plays a central role in managing risks and tackling vulnerability across the life-cycle. This entails particular relationships between individuals and between generations. The design and financing of welfare state institutions need to adjust to emerging social and economic changes, raising questions about the relationships that underpin those institutions. This symposium invites scholars from across the School to create a cross-disciplinary dialogue addressing issues regarding the nature of reciprocity as a normative principle of social cooperation, as well as practical issues in specific policy areas, questioning the role individuals and the state can/should play.


Professor Tim Besley

School Professor of Economics of Political Science and W Arthur Lewis Professor of Development Economics, Department of Economics, LSE
Director, STICERD

Reciprocity and the State

Professor Laura Bear

Professor and Head of Department
Department of Anthropology, LSE

Reciprocity and the right to care in the time of Covid - Slides

Dr Adam Oliver

Associate Professor
Department of Social Policy, LSE

A reciprocal behavioural public policy

Dr Tania Burchardt and Professor Fiona Steele

Associate Professor, Department of Social Policy/CASE, LSE and Professor and Head of Department, Department of Statistics, LSE respectively

Intergenerational exchanges of practical and financial support within families across households - Slides (Preliminary results, not for quotation)

Dr Michael Muthukrishna

Associate Professor of Economic Psychology
Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science, LSE

The ties that bind us

Professor Nicholas Barr

Professor of Public Economics
European Institute, LSE

Pension design and the failed economics of squirrels - Slides

Professor Mike Otsuka

Professor of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method, LSE

Is USS a model of -- or a failed experiment in -- reciprocity across generations? - Slides

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The Beveridge 2.0 Redifining the Social Contract is programme hosted by the School of Public Policy that aims at bringing the LSE community together with the intent of exploring important policy questions, fostering dialogue across disciplines and identifying avenues for collaborative cross-disciplinary research.