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Poor Areas and Poor Health: Health inequalities and the built environment - Presentations

Session 1: How area inequalities affect health

What is the problem? What can we do?
Dave Buck, Deputy Director of Health Inequalities and Partnership, Department of Health

Session 2: Break-out workshops

Workshop 1: Mobility

Mobility: Sustrans
Alex Allen, Liveable Neighbourhoods Director, Sustrans

Workshop 2: Green spaces and sustainable development

How can poor areas be linked to green spaces more easily and what are the barriers to a healthy environment?
Angela Hobson, Programme Manager, Groundwork Manchester, Salford, Stockport,Tameside and Trafford

Incredible Edible Todmorden
Nick Green, Project Co-ordinator, Incredible Edible Todmorden (community based, award-winning local food growing

Workshop 3: Mental health, wellbeing, anti-social behaviour, aggression and depression

Poor Areas Poor Mental Health and Inequalities
Hari Sewell, National Equalities Project Lead, National Mental Health Development Unit

Do green and well designed neighbourhoods make us healthier?
Catalina Turcu, Research Associate, Bartlett School of Planning

Session 3: Health delivery - combating unequal conditions and poor health

Combating Unequal Conditions and Poor Health - How Public Health Bodies See The Problem
Neil Pease, Assistant Director Earning and Learning, Hull PCT

Case Study: ZEST Community, Sheffield
Laura Moynahan, Chief Executive

Session 4: Local action for health

Why East London stays poor and its poor health worries London
Paul Plant, Deputy Regional Director of Public Health - London, Department of Health

Healthy Homes Programme
Ian Watson, Programme Co-ordinator