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Director's introduction


STICERD brings together world-class academics to put economics and related disciplines at the forefront of research and policy. Founded in 1978 by the renowned Japanese economist Michio Morishima, with donations from Suntory and Toyota, we are a thriving research community within the LSE.

What we love, and what we do best here, is research. STICERD is above all a place of academic excellence.

As a testimony, our centre currently hosts 4 of the prestigious ERC grants that honour outstanding research projects in social sciences. Our research is not just defined by its internationally-acclaimed quality, but also by its breadth and versatility. Our programmes and research activities cover a wide range of disciplines and scientific approaches, from economic theory to political economy, from social policy (through our twin-centre CASE) to psychology or history. In our seminars, you can learn about the latest research on auction design, or about the effects of health insurance in India! And we thrive to make this research useful to the broader public, through, for instance, our multiple public events and lectures.

Of course, behind every great research there are great people. STICERD is first and foremost a community, a team that from faculty to pre-doctoral students, from administrative staff and IT support to visiting professors, takes pride in its diversity, and wishes to promote inclusion within, as well as outside the LSE, through programmes like the HUB for Equal Representation

Photo: Camille Landais

Professor Camille Landais
Director of STICERD