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STICERD Industrial Organisation Seminars

Many of our seminars and public events this year will continue as online seminars or as online and in person. Please check our website listings and Twitter feed @STICERD_LSE for updates.

Unless otherwise specified, current restrictions mean in-person seminars are only open to members of the LSE community (those with a valid LSE ID card).

Those unable to join the seminars in-person are welcome to participate via zoom.

Industrial Organisation seminars are held on Mondays in term time at 12:30-14:00, ONLINE, unless specified otherwise.

Seminar organiser: Alessandro Gavazza.

For further information please contact Lubala Chibwe, either by email:

Please use this link to subscribe or unsubscribe to the Industrial Organisation seminars mailing list (industry).

No events as yet. Please check back later.

No events as yet. Please check back later.

Jonathan Williams (University of North Carolina)

Jakub Kastl (Stanford University)

Victor Aguirregabiria (University of Toronto)

Daniel Ershov (Toulouse School of Economics)

Nicola Pavanini (Tilburg University) joint with Vasso Ioannidou and Yushi Peng

Ali Yurukoglu (Stanford Graduate School of Business) joint with Kyle Bagwell and Robert Staiger

Andy Bernard (Dartmouth College) joint with Trade seminar series

Camilla Roncoroni (University of Warwick) joint with Lorenzo Magnolfi

Volker Nocke (University of Mannheim) joint with LSE Trade Group (paper joint with Nicolas Schutz)

Martin Hackmann (University of California Los Angeles) joint with R. Vincent Pohl, University of Georgia

Matteo Benetton (Department of Economics, LSE)

Aviv Nevo (University of Pennsylvania) joint with Jacob Malone and Jonathan Williams

Elena Krasnokutskaya (Johns Hopkins) joint with STICERD Econometrics Seminar Series

Myrto Kalouptsidi (Harvard University) joint with Paul T. Scott and Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues

Maryam Saeedi (Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University)

Chris Conlon (Columbia University) joint with Julie Holland Mortimer (Boston College)

Matthew Backus (Cornell University) joint with Tom Blake and Steve Tadelis

Andrew Sweeting (University of Maryland) joint with Kane Sweeney (eBay Research Labs)

Jose-Antonio Espin-Sanchez (Yale University) joint with Javier Donna

Matthew Osborne (University of Toronto) joint with Nathan H. Miller (Georgetown University) and Gloria Sheu (US Department of Justice)

Andras Niedermayer (Mannheim University) joint with Simon Loertscher

Leslie Marx ( Duke University) joint with Claudio Mezzetti and Robert C. Marshall

Fabio A. Miessi Sanches (London School of Economics) joint with Daniel Silva Junior (London School of Economics)

Pasquale Schiraldi (London School of Economics) joint with Stephan Seiler, (LSE) and Howard Smith, (Oxford).

Philip Haile (Yale University) joint with Steven Berry, Yale University and Amit Gandhi, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Isabelle Perrigne (Penn State University) joint with Quang Vuong

Gaurab Aryal (The Australian National University) joint with Isabelle Perrigne, Pennsylvania State University and Quang Vuong, Pennsylvania State University

Jean-Pierre H. Dubé (University of Chicago and NBER) joint with Bart J. Bronnenberg, CentER, Tilburg University Matthew Gentzkow, University of Chicago and NBER

Lanier Benkard (Yale University) joint with Aaron Bodoh-Creed, (Stanford) and John Lazarev, (Stanford).

Andres Carjaval (University of Warwick) joint with John K.-H. Quah

Saul Lach (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) joint with José Luis Moraga-González (University of Groningen)

Philippe Gagnepain (Carlos III University) joint with Marc Ivaldi, (Toulouse School of Economics, EHESS and CEPR) David Martimort, (Toulouse School of Economics, EHESS and CEPR)

Alan Sorensen (Stanford University) joint with Phillip Leslie

Ulrich Doraszelski (Wharton School) joint with David Besanko, Lauren Xiaoyuan Lu, Mark Satterthwaite

Liran Einav (Stanford University)

Lars Nesheim (UCL) joint with Rachel Griffith (IFS and UCL) and Martin O’Connell (IFS)

Steven Davis (Chicago) joint with Cheryl Grim, John Haltiwanger and Mary Streitwieser.

Jeremy Fox (University of Chicago and NBER) joint with Amit Gandhi (University of Wisconsin)

Marco Ottaviani (London Business School) joint with Tracy R. Lewis (Duke University)

Pauli Murto (Helsinki School of Economics) joint with Juuso Välimäki (Helsinki School of Economics and University of Southampton)

Stephen Ryan (Washington University in St. Louis) joint with Patrick Bajari, Jeremy T. Fox and Kyoo il Kim

Philippe Fevrier (University of Chicago) joint with David Sraer University of California, Berkeley

Bernard Sinclair-Desgagne (HEC Montreal and CIRANO) joint with Joan Canton and Maia David

Gautam Gowrisankaran (Washington) joint with Marc Rysman Department of Economics Boston University

Frank Verboven (University of Leuven) joint with Catherine Schaumans K.U.Leuven

Volker Nocke (University of Mannheim) joint with Michael Whinston Northwestern University.

Paul Heidhues (Bonn) joint with Botond Kőszegi University of California, Berkeley

Jaap Abbring (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute) joint with Jeffrey R. Campbell Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and NBER

Daniel Ackerberg (University of California, Los Angeles) joint with Kevin Caves, (University of California Los Angeles) Garth Frazer (Rotman School of Management, Toronto).

Fiona Scott Morton (Yale School of Management and NBER) joint with Judith A Chevalier Yale School of Management and NBER

Victor Aguirregabiria (University of Toronto)

Amil Petrin (University of Chicago) joint with Kenneth Train (University of California, Berkeley)

Victor Ginsburgh (ECARES, Brussels)

Marc Rysman (Boston University) joint with Angelique Angereau and Shane Greenstein

Philippe Fevrier (University of Chicago) joint with Raphaele Preget and Michael Visser

Otto Toivanen (HECER, University of Helsinki) joint with Maija Gao and Ari Hyytinen

Rachel Griffith (IFS and University of Manchester) joint with joint with Daron Acemoglu (MIT), Philippe Aghion (Harvard and IFS) Fabrizio Zilibotti (IIES Stockholm and IFS)

Katya Seim (University of Pennsylvania) joint with Nick Economides and Brian Viard

Marcus Asplund (London Business School) joint with Volker Nocke

Francesca Cornelli (London Business School) joint with Andrea Buraschi