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Sarah Winton

Sarah Winton

PhD Student

Expertise: development economics, labour economics


Sarah is a PhD candidate in Economics. Prior to joining LSE, Sarah worked as a research fellow at Harvard Kennedy School and then as a research associate at Harvard Business School on a variety of economic development projects. She also conducted independent research in Jordan under a Fulbright Research Grant and worked at UNHCR on cash-based interventions for Syrian Refugees. Sarah completed her BA at the University of Pennsylvania with a double major in Economics and International Relations and double minor in Mathematics and Arabic. Her research centers around issues of migration and forced displacement in developing countries. Her primary research focuses on how changes in labor market barriers impact the labor market outcomes of refugees and their host communities. She is also working on projects related to educational attainment of refugee children in the face of labor market barriers and how climate-vulnerable individuals in rural areas make decisions to migrate to urban centers. Her work is primarily based in Jordan.

Sarah Winton's current research interests are:

  • Development Economics
  • Labour Economics
  • Migration and Forced Displacement