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LSE Housing and Communities

Community Survival Depends on Community Infrastructure - Presentations

Session 1: Community-level problem solving ensures community viability

Creating opportunities for communities to save energy
Dan Monzani, Department for Energy and Climate Change

Physical infrastructure is the skeleton; communities are the flesh
Lesley Seymour, BuroHappold

Local authorities must support community change and control
Steve Kent, West Cheshire and Chester Council

Retrofitting low income areas for the future
Charlie Baker, Urbed

Session 2: Break-out workshops

Workshop 1: Communities in transition

Mike Davis, Parkhill Estate Tenants' and Residents' Association (PETRA)

Jim Ripley, Phoenix Housing Association

Ged Edwards, Sustainable Blacon

Becky Willis, Sustainable Development Commission (facilitator)

Workshop 2: Housing associations rediscover community roots

Olivia Powis, National Housing Federation

Matt Bush, Metropolitan Housing

Luke Gallagher, Gentoo Green

Alison Mathias, Homes and Communities Agency (facilitator)

Workshop 3: Community energy saving - the realities

Ian Fenn, Sustainable Development Commission

Mark Johnson, Osborne Energy

Poppy Potter, LIVLIG energy saving action

Alice Owen, Arup / Sustainable Development Commission (facilitator)

Workshop 4: Attracting investment

Stephen Penlington, Department for Energy and Climate Change John Swinney, EAGA

Dennis Moynahan, Institute for Sustainability

Lesley Seymour, BuroHappold (facilitator)

Session 3: The nuts and bolts of community infrastructure

What comes in goes out - underground/overground
Alice Owen, Arup / Sustainable Development Commission

The fundamental underpinnings of modern life - green communities
Becky Willis, Sustainable Development Commission

Transforming transport - bikeability / walkability
Chris Peck, CTC National Cyclists Organisation

Session 4: Panel Session - Making it happen

Cities and regions
Dave Allport, Birmingham City Council; Martin Powell, Greater London Authority

Energy companies
Barney Rhys Jones, Good Energy

Community service organisations and partnerships
John Swinney, EAGA; Mark Johnson, Osborne Energy

Session 5: What next with community infrastructure? Top 3 ideas, brainstorm and round-up

Becky Willis, Sustainable Development Commission