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Virginia Minni

Virginia Minni

PhD Student

Expertise: labour economics, organisational economics, development economics

+44 (0)20 7955 0000


Virginia is a PhD job market candidate in the Department of Economics. Her research focuses on questions in labor, organizational, and development economics. She collaborates with large organizations to study why some people reach their potential in the labor market while others do not, to identify the frictions that prevent this, and explore how to alleviate them. Her JMP investigates the role of managers in the allocation of workers to jobs and how this impacts worker and firm productivity. It was awarded the Best Job Market Paper Award by the European Economic Association and UniCredit Foundation 2022. Virginia holds a BSc and MRes in Economics from the University of Warwick and Pompeu Fabra University, respectively. At the LSE, she has taught undergraduate courses in the Department of Economics and the Department of Management, and she is affiliated with the CEP and STICERD.

Virginia Minni's current research interests are:

  • Labour Economics,
  • Organisational Economics
  • Development Economics