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Polly Vizard

Polly Vizard

CASE Associate Director and Associate Professorial Research Fellow

+44 (0)20 7955 6782
SAL 3.28 A


Polly Vizard is an Associate Professorial Research Fellow and Associate Director of Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion. Her research focuses on multidimensional poverty and inequality, the analysis of deprivation and distributional outcomes using social surveys and administrative data, social and public policy, social indicators, Senís capability framework, human rights-based approaches, and equality and human rights monitoring. She is currently principal investigator on the CASE research programme Social Policies and Distributional Outcomes in a Changing Britain, which runs from October 2017-September 2022.

Polly Vizard's current research interests are:

  • Conceptualising, analysing and monitoring poverty, inequality, equality and human rights
  • Empirical examination of deprivation and distributional outcomes across critical domains of life using social survey and administrative data
  • Assessing the consequences of social and public policies, broader institutions and socio-economic arrangements, equality and human rights standards, public expenditure, and other forms of social and public action
  • The Children's Information Project

Polly's latest projects include: